TAD Dresser (2006)

This top-down view of the TAD Dresser shows the work in process. Its six drawers may be opened from either side. Very possibly this is the only dresser on the planet without a "front" or "back". Why? For one thing, the TAD may be used as a room divider anywhere in the home. For another, since The Style framework is entirely open, it makes for easy care. Notice the drawers slide on the framework.

This TAD is built of solid Brazilian Jatoba. Also reflected in this image is that each piece in The Style Collection is constructed by hand, one at a time. And like all others pieces in the collection it may be deconstructed, moved up a narrow staircase or elevator and reconstructed without tearing down a wall!

This piece was named for the artist’s grandson Thaddeus Cook on the occasion of his birth.


To commission a TAD Dresser, please contact Mr. Cook.

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